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Hey, man! Picture this: Rainbow Cake, the cosmic lovechild of Archive Seed Bank’s Rainbow Belts and the legendary Wedding Cake. It’s like the ultimate bud symphony, grooving with insane resin, killer colas, and a terpene profile that’s straight-up otherworldly.



Hey there, man! So, check it out, this groovy creation called Rainbow Cake from Pheno Finder Seeds, and it’s like the lovechild of Archive Seed Bank’s Rainbow Belts and the ever-popular Wedding Cake, dude. Imagine the vibes from both of these legendary strains coming together in one epic fusion.

Rainbow Belts, a stellar hybrid born from Zkittlez and Moonbow #75, brings the heat with its insane resin production and killer colas. Now, picture blending that with the sweet vanilla magic of Wedding Cake – it’s a match made in ganja heaven, man.

For all you legal growers out there, get ready for a wild ride. These plants are like the rockstars of the cannabis world – vigorous, resin-coated colas that scream excellence. The terpene game is out of this world, with notes of fruit, cream, lime citrus, and that funky Kush twist. This strain’s got a vibe that could win some serious Cups in the future, man.

Give it around 65-70 days, and you’ll be staring at some seriously dank, dense flowers that could easily grace the top shelf of any dispensary worldwide. And let’s talk potency, my friend. Rainbow Cake is packing a punch with THC levels soaring over 25%. Just a heads up, though – this ain’t for the novice consumers. This is the heavy stuff.

So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of Rainbow Cake from Pheno Finder Seeds, buckle up, my friend. It’s a trip worth taking. Stay groovy!

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Rainbow Belts (Zkittlez x Moonbow #75) x Wedding Cake

Flowering Period

65-70 days

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