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Premium Cultivars was established with a mission to bring the best cannabis genetics to the masses. We saw an opportunity to move the industry away from West Coast-centric developments and place more power (cutting-edge genetics) in the hands of regular home growers. Our brand ethos is centered around inclusivity and accessibility, and we strive to make our products available to all.

  • Hey man, imagine kicking back in your crib with a stash of Cereal Milk. It’s like, the chillest strain out there, bringing you those laid-back vibes. With its smooth blend of snowman and Y Life, it’s like the dude version of a perfect breakfast bowl. So, if you’re into mellow highs and a taste that’s sweeter than Saturday morning cartoons, Cereal Milk is your go-to, man.

  • Cheetah Piss seeds are a highly sought-after strain, a hybrid that delivers a euphoric, creative high. With a pungent, fuel-like aroma and a unique terpene profile that combines fruity and ammonia-like flavors.