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The Dude’s

Cannabis Seed Bank

Dude, check it out – there’s a ton of cannabis seeds and strains out there. It can be totally overwhelming to scroll through a massive online cannabis seed bank, but don’t freak out – buying weed seeds shouldn’t be a total mind-bending experience.

I’ve got you covered, man. My seed catalogue is totally streamlined and I only list the cream of the crop from the best seed banks around.

I’ve got classic old-school strains like Skunk 1 and the legendary White Widow, but I’m also hip to the new-school strains that are popping off thanks to breeders like Big Berner and his epic Girl Scout Cookies strain from the US.

Listen, I’m not saying that every single seed that’s not in my catalogue is garbage. But the reality is that there’s a ton of sketchy stuff out there that you don’t wanna mess with.

So I’ve done the hard work for you and cut through all the bunk to bring you only the most righteous strains around. Peace out.