Banana Jealousy – Seedsman

Hey man, check out Seedsman’s Banana Jealousy. It’s a chill three-way hybrid mix of Banana Cream, Jealousy, and Gelato 41 strains. Growing it is like a breeze – even if you’re a total greenhorn, you’ll rock it. These plants can grow tall, reaching over 200cm, especially outdoors. Indoor flowering is a sweet 8-10 weeks, pulling in 450-600 gr/m2. Outdoors, you can hit up to 750 gr/plant in the right vibe. Harvest vibes kick in late September in the Northern chill or early October, and March in the Southern groove. Mold resistance is cool, but they’re loud, so better get those carbon air filters going. Resin city here – perfect for extracts. Fruity scents, THC levels soaring up to 28%, and CBD is just mellow at less than 1%. It’s the dude’s choice for a potent stash.



Hey man, Seedsman’s got this wicked strain called Banana Jealousy, and it’s like, totally epic. Picture this – it’s a hybrid lovechild of Banana Cream, Jealousy, and Gelato 41. Growing it is like riding the waves; it’s so chill, even newbies can pull it off. The plants, man, they grow tall, reaching for the sky, especially outdoors where they can hit a cool 200cm. Indoor flowering is like a cosmic journey, taking 8-10 weeks and rewarding you with a groovy 450-600 gr/m2. But wait, there’s more – outdoors or in a greenhouse, each plant can drop a mind-blowing 750 gr. under the right stars.

Talking vibes, this strain loves the outdoors in temperate, warm, and hot regions. Northern hemisphere harvests drop in late September/early October, and Southern hemisphere vibes are ripe for the picking in March. Mold resistance is pretty cool, but here’s the deal – these plants are loud, man. If you’re growing indoors, hook up some good carbon air filters to keep things discreet.

Now, let’s talk resin – these plants are like resin factories, making them a dream for extract enthusiasts. The scent and flavor game is on point – think sweet, banana, and a hint of Skunk, creating a sensory symphony. THC levels go up to a mind-bending 28%, while CBD is just kicking back at less than 1%, making this strain a true heavyweight in the potency department.

In the bud density scale, we’re talking a solid 4 – not too loose, not too dense, just right. And oh, the aroma – it’s fruity, my friend, like a tropical paradise in your stash.

So, if you’re into a potent stash with a fruity twist, Seedsman’s Banana Jealousy is the dude’s choice. Grow it, smoke it, and vibe on, man.

Additional information



Flowering Type



Banana Cream x Jealousy x Gelato 41

Flowering Period

8 to 10 weeks

Estimated Yield

Yield outdoor High (450-750gr/plant) – Yield indoor High (450-600gr/m2)

Possible THC Content

Very High (25%+)

Taste / Aroma

fruity, sweet, banana, skunk