La Bomba – Compound Genetics

La Bomba is a potent strain resulting from crossing Jet Fuel Gelato with Wedding Cake. It offers big, frosty buds with a creamy kush profile and potential purple hues. This high-stretch strain is suitable for various grow styles and matures in 8-9 weeks.



Dude, check out La Bomba from Compound Genetics, a killer strain born from the marriage of Jet Fuel Gelato and Wedding Cake. These buds are big, frosty, and packed with trichomes. You’ll dig the creamy kush profile with hints of gas or sweet confection. Some phenos even fade to a groovy purple. This cross is a high-stretch type, so expect the plants to double in size. Whether you’re growing indoors, in a greenhouse, or outside, La Bomba will blow your mind in just 8-9 weeks.

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Jet Fuel Gelato x Wedding Cake

Flowering Period

8 – 9 weeks