Mokum’s Tulip – Dutch Passion Seed Company

Hey, man! Check it out – Mokum’s Tulip by Dutch Passion Seed Company, the chilliest strain on the block. It’s like, this feminized wonder with ‘Gelato’ and ‘Sherbet’ vibes, you know? Smells like a sweet, fruity, creamy dream, and the buds? Sticky icky trichomes all the way. Fast bloomer, compact, and rocks a THC level higher than your meditation session. Dude, it’s won some cannabis cups, too! Perfect for that laid-back vibe – Mokum’s Tulip, the dude’s choice.


Hey there, fellow seekers of the herbal Zen! Let me hip you to something righteous – Mokum’s Tulip from Dutch Passion. This here’s not just a strain; it’s a cosmic experience, man. So, picture this – a feminized blend with ‘Gelato’ and ‘Sherbet’ genetics, a.k.a. the dream team of dankness.

Now, Mokum’s Tulip isn’t your average Joe. It kicks off with a unique terpene symphony, a real nose-jazz that’s sweet, fruity, and creamy. The aroma? Pungent, dude. You crack those buds open, and it’s like a fragrant vortex, pulling you into the chill zone.

And let’s talk growth, man. It’s a fast bloomer, hitting the sweet spot in 8-9 weeks. The buds, oh, they’re compact, covered in sticky trichomes – the kind that’d make even the laziest of cats go, “Whoa, man!”

Now, it’s not just about the looks. Mokum’s Tulip has THC levels soaring beyond 25%, making it a real heavy hitter. It’s got the hardware – multiple cannabis cups, including a 1st Prize Clouds in the City Cup in 2019. It’s like the strain abides, man.

Effects? Brace yourself for a strong, long-lasting high. Body stone? Yeah, it’s there, easing away the stress. Head-high? Powerful and euphoric – perfect for any time, day or night. Mokum’s Tulip is the strain that’s always ready for a jam session.

Growing this beauty is as smooth as a White Russian, man. Sturdy stems, compact buds, and a flowering time that’s shorter than Walter’s temper. It’s practically the Dude of strains – laid-back but packs a punch.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip from the Zen masters at Dutch Passion: try the ‘Blue Light Treatment’ for an extra terpene kick. And for the bold, leave ’em in the dark for a couple of days at the end of flowering – resin city, man!

In a nutshell, Mokum’s Tulip isn’t just a strain; it’s a way of life. So, if you’re after an XL yielding, award-winning, sweet-smelling, and potent strain, look no further, man. Mokum’s Tulip – the dude’s choice for a mellow ride through the cosmos of cannabis. Abide and enjoy, my friends.

Additional information



Flowering Type



Gelato X Sherbet

Flowering Period

8 Weeks

Estimated Yield

between 400-500g/m2 are possible

Possible THC Content

25% +

Taste / Aroma

A wonderfully fruity and sweet Gelato aroma and taste