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Blue Dream, the California classic, is like a sun-kissed dream come true. Born from the magical union of Blueberry Ice and a U.S. Haze cut, it’s 70% sativa and spreading good vibes all around. Whether you’re a pro grower or just cruising along, Blue Dream’s got your back with generous yields and top-shelf quality.



Man, let me tell you about Blue Dream, this groovy strain from sunny California. It’s like, a blend of Blueberry Ice and a U.S. Haze cut, giving it that 70% sativa vibe. This stuff has got a killer rep not just in Cali but all over. Whether you’re a pro grower or just a laid-back enthusiast, Blue Dream’s got you covered with its bountiful yields and top-notch quality.

Growing it is a breeze, man. If you’re indoors, expect medium-sized plants that’ll yield around 500 gr/m2 in 65-70 days. But here’s where it gets interesting – take it outdoors in a warm, dry, Mediterranean-type climate, and those babies can reach up to 250-350 cm! And when it’s time to harvest in the northern latitudes, you’re looking at October. Each plant can churn out 700-850 gr. of big, resin-coated buds that shine like the stars.

Now, when it comes to the taste and smell, picture a light lemon-citrus thing going on, mixed with some berry and Haze goodness, and a hint of Madeira fortified wine. THC levels are up there, but CBD is on the low, so you get this uplifting, mind-expanding experience that’s mellow and long-lasting. It’s like your mind’s taking a cosmic trip through the universe while your body’s just chilling out.

Oh, and it’s got loads of alpha-pinene, a terpene that’s like a Swiss army knife of therapeutic benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory, great for bronchodilation, and even stands up to MRSA with its antibacterial superpowers. Plus, it helps you remember where you put your keys after hitting that Blue Dream, and it’s a cool antidote if you go a little overboard with the THC. And if stress and anxiety are knocking on your door, this stuff can help you chill out.

So, if you’re looking for a strain that’s not just a good time but also comes with a side of therapeutic perks, Blue Dream might just be your new best bud. Peace, man.

Additional information



Flowering Type


Flowering Period

10 weeks

Estimated Yield

Indoors: up to 500 gr/m2; Outdoors: 700 – 850 gr/plant


Blueberry Ice x Haze

Possible THC Content


Taste / Aroma

Berry, Citrus, Fruity, Haze, Lemon, Spicy / Herbal, Sweet


Cerebral, Euphoric, Long-lasting, Powerful, Uplifting