Sensi Star – Paradise Seeds

Sensi Star is an exceptionally potent indica-dominant cannabis strain that has earned its reputation as a heavyweight champion in the cannabis world. This strain has garnered recognition and acclaim as the winner of both the High Times and High Life Cup, solidifying its status as a powerhouse in the THC realm.



Dude, let me tell you about Paradise Seeds‘ Sensi Star strain. It’s like the heavyweight champion of indicas, man. This bud put Paradise Seeds on the map when it scored an epic double win in the High Life and High Times Cups. It’s a true legend, earning over 15 cups in major competitions. They call it one of the finest cannabis strains in the world, and it’s been rockin’ the scene since ’95 when it first dropped.

Now, the precise genetics of Sensi Star are top-secret, like the recipe for that famous fizzy drink. But what we do know is that it’s got some Afghan and Indian elements with a splash of Skunk. And let me tell you, it’s potent, man. This bud has spawned genetic offspring across the globe. It’s a Hall of Fame legend, beloved by growers far and wide.

When you encounter Sensi Star, its aroma is something else, man. It’s like a blend of mint, metal, pine, pepper, and perfume all rolled into one. And the flavor? Oh, dude, it’s a mind-bending journey that’ll make your taste buds spin.

Growing Sensi Star is a breeze, too. It’s a champ in any grow room, whether you’re rocking soil or hydro. It’s a multi-branching beauty that thrives in Sea of Green and Screen of Green setups. Outdoors, it grows fat and beautiful, like new stars exploding in some distant galaxy.

The buds, man, they’re something special. Picture colas that are rock hard and coated in so much resin they glow in the dark. This bud produces some serious yield indoors and outdoors, so you’ll be swimming in green.

But listen, dude, Sensi Star is not for the faint of heart. It’s a powerhouse that’ll knock you sideways and straight into the couch. Novice consumers, beware. But if you’re looking for stress relief or chronic pain management, Sensi Star has got your back.

So, my dude, Sensi Star from Paradise Seeds is the real deal. It’s got the awards, the genetics, and the mind-blowing effects. If you’re ready for a legendary experience, this bud won’t disappoint.

Additional information




Afghan, Indian, Skunk

Flowering Period

8 – 9 weeks

Taste / Aroma

Carophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Possible THC Content


Estimated Yield

400 g per m²