Super Silver Haze – Green House Seed Company

Super Silver Haze by Greenhouse Seed Company is a cannabis legend. Created from Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, it’s a triple High Times Cannabis Cup winner. This strain boasts vibrant green colors, resin-covered flowers, and a robust resistance to pests and fungi.


Super Silver Haze, from the legendary Greenhouse Seed Company, is a true icon in the world of cannabis. This extraordinary strain, born from a blend of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze genetics, has secured its place in the history books, snagging the coveted 1st place at the High Times Cannabis Cup not once, but three times.

When you lay your eyes on Super Silver Haze, you’ll be greeted by its vibrant green hues and impressive, resin-coated flowers. During the flowering process, this strain showcases its sativa dominance with a significant stretch, turning into a veritable tree if given the right care. Plus, it’s a champ when it comes to resistance against common pests and fungi, making it a robust choice for cultivators.

But the true magic happens when you light up. Inhale, and you’ll be transported to the world of strong Haze notes, with a delightful pine and woody undertone. Exhale, and you’ll experience the sweetness of Skunk, complemented by subtle metallic hints of Northern Lights. The high is an instant, powerful rush that’s perfect for any occasion, whether you’re at a party or in the midst of a brainstorming session. It keeps you active and engaged for a long-lasting, good time.

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Skunk x Northern Lights x Haze

Flowering Period

10 to 11 weeks

Possible THC Content


Estimated Yield

up to 800 gr/m2