Big Buddha Cheese™ – Big Buddha Seeds

Hey man, you’ve heard of Big Buddha’s Cheese, right? The UK’s #1 strain for many years. Man, if you’re into cannabis, you’ve gotta try Big Buddha Cheese™. It’s like the royal robe of strains. Winner of the 19th Annual Cannabis Cup for “Best Indica Seed.” It’s got that old-school taste and a seriously chill vibe. This is the real deal, man.



Hey, man, you gotta get on the Big Buddha Cheese™ train. It’s like the crowning jewel of cannabis, you know? This strain’s no slouch; it scored big, taking home the gold for “Best Indica Seed” at the 19th Annual Cannabis Cup. It’s the UK’s top strain, and it’s gone global, winning awards and hearts all over the place.

So, here’s how it goes down, man. Big Buddha (RIP 1974 – 2023), he was like the Zen master of cannabis, took a female ‘clone-only’ Skunk No. 1, mixed it up with his pure Afghani male, straight from his treasure trove of strains dating back to the early 2000s. He put in the work, two years of selective backcrossing, all to nail that taste and smell. By 2002, he birthed the Cheese™ seed in all its genetic glory.

Big Buddha wanted to take his creation on a cosmic tour, man. So, in 2005, he rolls up to the 18th Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, a place where nobody knew about ‘Big Buddha Cheese’ beyond the UK borders. He made sure the coolest coffee shops in the Dam got a taste. It’s like a global cheese odyssey, man.

And then, 2006 hits, and that’s when the legend unfolds. Big Buddha and Big Buddha Seeds take home the big kahuna, being crowned Best Breeder/Seed Bank at the 19th Cannabis Cup in the Indica seed category, all thanks to Big Buddha Cheese™. And they even double down, scoring Best Sativa Seed Bank for Blue Cheese™. It’s like a cinematic moment, man.

But here’s the kicker, dude. Onstage, their buddy Arjan from Green House Seeds drops the bomb. They’re gonna help feminize ‘the Cheese™’ seed, and that was like cutting-edge stuff at the time. The rest, well, it’s history.

Now, the Big Buddha Cheese™ in feminized seed form, it’s like the dude who just abides, keeping that old-school taste. With a little help from the original Afghani, it’s got a higher yield, pumping out more buds than its mama.

Years down the road, Big Buddha’s extensive genetic research strikes gold, man. He creates his life’s work masterpiece: PURE Big Buddha Cheese™. This is it, man, the purest Cheese™ seed in the universe. It’s got the same genetics as the original 1st generation Big Buddha Cheese™ seeds, with that OG Skunk scent and a 100% Pure Cheese™ taste. It’s like the Dude of cannabis strains, a true legend.

So, if you’re looking for the real deal, the Big Buddha Cheese™ is where it’s at. Just remember to take ‘er easy, man, and abide. It’s like the royal robe of strains, the top of the cannabis pyramid.

Additional information



Flowering Type



Original UK Exodus Cheese Clone x BBC Original Cheese Clone Reversed

Flowering Period

7-9 Weeks

Estimated Yield

Indoors 100 gr+, Outdoors 500 gr+

Taste / Aroma

Unique, pungent old skool aroma