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Hey, man, let me tell you about Meringue seeds from Dutch Passion. It’s like this chill hybrid, a mix of Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies, you know? Smells like a tropical fruit party – oranges, mango, and a touch of honey. The buds are like, not the biggest, but they’re solid, man, and covered in this white resin that really ties the room together. It’s a mellow ride with a sweet, tangy vibe – perfect for kickin’ back and takin’ it easy.


Alright, so picture this, my friend – you’re diving into the groovy world of Meringue seeds by Dutch Passion. It’s like they took Wedding Cake and Animal Cookies, two heavyweights from the cannabis scene, and threw them into the cosmic blender, creating this hybrid wonder. Now, the aroma, man, it’s like a tropical vacation in your nose – think oranges, mango, and a dash of honey. It’s so laid-back and sweet; you’ll want to roll it up in a blanket and call it your “comfy joint.”

Now, these buds, they’re not breaking any records in size, but don’t let that fool you. They’re rock-hard, covered in this white resin that’s so thick it’s like a snowy landscape, man. It’s the kind of bag appeal that ties the whole room together, you feel me? Meringue might not be the flashy show-off, but it’s got that subtle, undeniable coolness.

And the high, oh man, it’s a trip. It leans a bit towards the indica side, giving you this euphoric, laid-back vibe. Take it slow, and you’re in for a cosmic cruise through relaxation city. Smoke a bit more, and you might find yourself melting into the couch, but in a good way. It’s the kind of experience that really ties your mind together, man.

Now, growing this dude, it’s not your typical walk in the park. Meringue’s got this funky growth pattern, and you gotta do a bit of leaf tucking to keep things groovy. But hey, it’s all worth it when you see those resin-packed buds after about 8 weeks of flowering. It’s like the Dude’s rug – it really ties the whole room together.

So, if you’re into unique vibes, a chill high, and some seriously resinous buds, Meringue is your ticket, man. Just abide, take it easy, and let Meringue do its thing – you won’t be disappointed.

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Flowering Type


Flowering Period

8 Weeks

Estimated Yield

400 – 500 grams per m2 is possible


Wedding Cake X Animal Cookies

Taste / Aroma

It smells like oranges, mango and honey with some earthy, sour hints.